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Stefano Tealdi

Stefano Tealdi




ScriptLab - original Trainer 2017
ScriptLab - adaptation Trainer 2017
ScriptLab - story editing Trainer 2017
ScriptLab - match point Trainer 2017
Decision Maker 2015
FrameWork Trainer 2014


Born in South Africa in 1955, he graduated in Architecture and was head of audiovisual production at the Politecnico di Torino in Italy.. He established Stefilm in 1985 where he develops, produces and directs documentary features and series, including CITIZEN BERLUSCONI, VINYLMANIA (IFFR 2012), CHAR, NO MAN’S ISLAND (Berlinale Forum 2013), THE QUEEN OF SILENCE (best doc at Krakow FF 2015); IN THE BELLY OF THE CITY (doc series). EAVE graduate, he chairs the annual Italian workshop “Documentary in Europe”, tutors for Biennale College Venice, European Documentary Network EDN, Esodoc, Med Film Factory, Marché du Film Cannes, Scuola Holden, Festival des 3 Continents – Produire au Sud, Zelig Film School.