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Arash T. Riahi

Arash T. Riahi


Scriptwriter, Film Director, Production


SeriesLab Participant 2021


Arash T. Riahi is an Austrian director, producer, script-writer and dramatic consultant born 1972 in Iran. Riahi moved to Austria as the child of political refugees in 1982. Studying Film and the Arts at the University of Vienna, he then worked as a freelancer in the youth and art department of Austrian TV. In 1997, he co-founded the film and media production company Golden Girls Filmproduktion. His body of work as a director & producer, that won more than 100 international awards, comprises various awarded short and experimental films, documentaries, including “The Souvenirs of Mr. X” “Exile Family Movie” or the cross-media project “Everyday Rebellion” he co-directed with his brother in 2013. „Kinders”, another documentary by the Riahi Brothers was awarded with the special Jury Award at the Sarajevo Filmfestival 2017. His first fiction film “For a moment freedom” has won 31 international awards and was the Austrian candidate for the Academy Awards 2010. Since 2010 Arash works as a script advisor for the MEDIA supported programms SOURCES 2, Nipkow, Berlinale Scriptstation, European Documentary Network, Jihlava Institut for Documentary, docIncubator, docElevator. Since 2014 he is teaching nonfictional storytelling and financing at the Filmschool and the Filmakademie Vienna. His second fiction feature “Oskar & Lili-Where no one knows us” already won international awards, for example the audience award at the Max Ophüls Filmfestival, the Special Jury Award at the int. Migration FF and the Josef Vilsmaier-Award at Kitzbuhel FF in 2020. The film was released in French cinemas March 2020 and had its Austrian premiere in October 2020.

Awards (Selection)

Everyday Rebellion (Riahi Bros.), Crossmedia Documentary
Vimeo: Password: everyday123

• ARTE Pixel Pitch Prize, London 2012, Best Cross-Media project
• B3 Biennale Frankfurt, Ben Award Best Transmedia award 2013
• CPH:DOX Politiken Audience Award 2013
• Cinema For Peace Award, Berlin 2014, Most valuable documentary 2014
• Audience Award Biografilmfestival Bologna 2014
• Civis European Online Media Award for integration 2014
• Horizont Award 5 See Festival Germany 2014
• Dovey Award 2014
• Erassmus Euro Grand Media Award 2014

„ For a moment freedom „ (Ein Augenblick Freiheit“), Fiction (developed at eQuinoxe France/SOURCES 2)
Vimeo: Password: golden1070

• Austrian candidate for the Academy Awards 2010
• Best foreighn film, Beverly Hills Filmfestival, 2010
• Jury Award best film & Audience Award Festival Nuovo Cinema, Genua, 2010
• Silver Audience Award, Tromso International Film Festival, 2010
• Audience Award, Films from the South Festival, Oslo, 2009
• Young Jurys Price, Festival Cine Junior Val de Marne, 2009
• Thomas Pluch Award Best Screenplay /Diagonale, 2009
• Beste Direction & Flying Ox for best film/ Filmfest Schwerin,, Germany 2009
• Award of the Saarland Ministery & Interfilmaward of the Max Ophüls Festivals, 2009
• Canvas Award & Youth Jury Award Open Doek Film Festival (Belgien), 2009
• Special Jury & Special Audition Award. 10. Festival del Cinema Europeo Lecce (Italien), 2009
• Best Film & Publicsaward, 5. Amazonas Filmfestival Manaus/Brasil, 2008
• Best screenplay at the 2. San Luis Cine Filmfestival/Argentina, 2008
• Grand Prix & Publicsaward & Studentenaward, Prix du Film D’histoire de Pessac, 2008
• Publicsaward & Studentaward / Cinessonne Festival/Paris, 2008
• Vienna Filmaward / Viennale, 2008
• Beste Direction, Festival de jeunes realisateurs, Saint Jean de Luz/Frankreich, 2008
• Golden Eye for best debut feature, Zurich Filmfestival, 2008
• Golden Zenith-Best first film, Montreal World Filmfestival, 2008
• Honorabe Mention Carl Mayer Screenplayaward, 2003

„Exile Family Movie“, Cinema-Documentary
Vimeo: Password: golden1070

• Max Ophüls Award for best documentary, Saarbrücken, 2007
• Interfilmaward of the Max Ophüls Festival, 2007
• Golden Dove for best Documentary, 49. Leipzig Documentary and Animation Festival, 2006
• FIPRESCI-Award, Leipzig Dokumentary & Animationsfestival, 2006
• Silver Hugo for best Dokumentary, Chicago Film Festival, 2006
• DIAGONALE award for best Austrian documentary, 2006

„MISSISSIPPI“, Experimental Short
• Best Experimental Shorfilm, Melbourne Film Festival, 2006
• Most Surprising Film, Odense Film Festival, 2006
• Mainaward, Experimental Film Festival Videoex / Schweiz, 2006
• Golden Dove for best Animationsfilm, Film Festival Leipzig, 2006
• Award for best Script/Idee, Film Festival Fantoche/Schweiz, 2005

company profile

Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices GmbH
7. Seidengasse 15/3/20 Vienna / Austria
Phone: +43 1 810 56 36 Fax: +43 1 810 59 49

Golden Girls Filmproduktion is an award winning creative collective of filmmakers and producers. The films made by the collective have won more than 80 international awards. The creative team is the core of the company, combining experience and skills developed from many years working in the media. Film production experience gained from a wide variety of documentary and special feature productions, particularly in the cultural sector. Execution of pre-production, production, postproduction, graphics, special effects, sound, music composition and web design - all under one roof.

The cross-media documentary “Everyday Rebellion” 2014, by The Riahi Brothers was Austria’s most successful film at festivals with more than 50 invitations. (

In 2017 they released the multiaward winning feature The Migrumpies, that became Austrias 2nd most successfull boxoffice hit of the year and was released in Germany and Switzerland.

Their music documentary KINDERS, got the Special Jury award at the Sarajevo filmfestival 2017.

Their fiction film ONE OF US was Austrias only fiction film shortlisted 2016 for the European Film Awards and their Co-Production with Zischlermann THE EREMITS had it’s premiere at the Orizzonti Competition in Venice 2016 and is nomminated as discovery of the year at the European Film Awards 2017.

The fictional debut of co-owner Arash T. Riahi (Wega Film & Les Films du Losange) “For a moment freedom” was Austria’s Academy Award entry 2010.