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Luisa Leopold

Luisa Leopold




SeriesLab Participant 2021


Luisa Leopold is a Berlin based producer. She graduated from the University of Arts Berlin with an M.A. in Social and Business Communication. Prior to this, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies at the University Leipzig. During her studies, she worked as a talent agent and began working as a casting director. Since 2015 Luisa has worked as an assistant director for various award-winning film productions such as BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ by Burhan Qurbani, SKYLINES, a Netflix Original series by Dennis Schanz, and FABIAN, a film drama by Dominik Graf. She joined StickUp Films as a producer in November 2019 and found her passion in creative producing, script development and talent acquisition.
Currently, Luisa is in pre-production with a new sitcom. Other projects as a producer include BEAST, a female-driven crime thriller series, and the family adventure series WATER RAT, both in development. Previously, she worked as a producer on THE STRONG SEX, a feature length documentary by Jonas Rothlaender about sexuality and gender roles.

company profile

StickUp Films produces international high-end TV series, feature films and documentaries that aim to surprise, engage and take the audience on a journey into the unknown. We strive for long-term alliances with our partners, while focusing on the development of promising talents. StickUp was founded by Dennis Schanz and Luis Singer in 2009, with Julia Müller and Luisa Leopold joining in 2019 as producers.

StickUp is a member of the Producers’ Association, a stipendiary of the VFF Business Angel Program, part of the EAVE producers‘ network and represented by Players and CAA.

Our latest production, SKYLINES by Dennis Schanz, a Netflix Original Series, premiered in autumn 2019 and was awarded with 5 Grimme prizes, including Best Series 2020. In 2021, we completed Jonas Rothlaender's documentary THE STRONG SEX and are preparing to shoot the sitcom DOPPELHAUSHÄLFTE by Dennis Schanz and Christoph Rath and the feature film POWER OF LOVE, a German-Finnish co-production.

StickUp is focused on projects that are original and regional, while addressing a global audience. Key to us is a project’s narrative quality, its potential for identification and the fascination it evokes.