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Wendy Huyghe

Wendy Huyghe




SeriesLab Participant 2021


Wendy Huyghe (’79) is a Belgian writer. She started her career as a journalist and columnist and until today she writes long reads for newspapers, non fiction books and biographies.
For almost ten years she made short documentaries and articles for news channels and NGO’s about displacement, gender and climate change in South East Asia and Sub Saharan Africa.
Today, she focuses on fiction. Her first script, Sea Sparkle, was selected for the Cinekid Scriptlab and the Berlinale Co-production Market (production in August 2021, A Private View). She’s currently developing an animated series, Tommy Pepper (Lunanime), and she’s writing Sea Sparkle as a youth novel and The lost story of Mira Meribel, a young adult novel.