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Domien Huyghe

Domien Huyghe


Writer, Film Director


SeriesLab Participant 2021


Domien Huyghe (b. 1988) is a Belgian film director and screenwriter. His imaginative and suspenseful adventure drama MAVERICK on a grieving boy who imagines he shot down a plane was selected for multiple film festivals , such as Chicago, Namur & Leuven.
At the moment, he is developing his first feature film SEA SPARKLE (written by Wendy Huyghe & Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem / A Private View) and an animated series, TOMMY PEPPER (written by Wendy Huyghe / Lunanime). Domien was selected for the Midpoint TV launch 2018 and entered the Cinekid Script- and director’s lab with SEA SPARKLE.
Domien has been awarded several times as a director of remarkable music videos for bands such as BLAUDZUN, THE ANTLER KING and ARCHES. His work often features themes such as coping with loss and reconnecting with family and he is always searching for innovative, dramatically accessible ways to bring such themes to a large audience.