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Marcsi Tóth

Marcsi Tóth


Writer, Scriptwriter


SeriesLab Participant 2021


Marcsi Tóth (1978) writer, scriptwriter. Born and raised in Eger. After studying philosophy in ELTE University in Budapest, she started her career in the film industry as a production coordinator. Over the past 15 years she had worked in several Hungarian and international feature films and TV shows. Besides script writing her short stories are regularly published in literary periodicals. In four consecutive years her novellas have been selected by "Körkép" anthology, that collects the most important short stories of the year. In 2020 her work "The audition" was published in an alternative textbook for highschool students, as an example of works by the most significant Hungarian contemporary writers. She is the co-writer of "Apple of my eye" feature film directed by Bernadette Mayer, which is in development phase. Her first documentary film entitled "The Mount Carmel is in the neighbourhood", which she both wrote and directed will be premiered on Hungarian Television in the second half of 2021.