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Dušan Lazarević

Dušan Lazarević

United Kingdom

Film Director


Dušan Lazarević was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He graduated from The London Film School. His graduation film, THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR, was sent as a British entry to AMPAS student Oscars and competed at a number of festivals throughout the world. He now lives in London, UK.

His mainstream break was creating challenging
television drama for young audiences, one of which was a
children’s animated series, LIVING WITH LIONEL, a worldwide hit on the FoxKids Channel.
Subsequently, Dušan has built an extensive track record as a
director of British prime-time television drama.
Amongst his recent work is the award-winning TV series BESA, a psychological crime thriller, set in the world of the Albanian mafia in the Balkans.

Currently, he has several of his own projects in development,
the most ambitious one being FAST-FORWARD REWIND, a triptych of eerie time-travel stories exploring the human condition stripped to its spiritual fundamentals in the pseudo-futuristic vortex we are living at this time in history.