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Eva Moreno is Film Academic and member and delegate of CIMA, she began her acting studies at the age of 15 at Cristina Rota's school. She finished her studies and combined them with a degree in Audiovisual Communication. In 2008 she graduated from UCM with honors in Film Directing and the following year she took a Master's degree in Audiovisual Production. Eva has worked in the Direction and Production departments, in film, tv and advertising for more than 10 years with directors such as Alex de la Iglesia, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo or Salvador Calvo.

In 2013 she wrote, directed and produced, together with Juan Carlos Vellido, the short film "Hay dos clases de personas", starring Manuela Vellés and Miguel Ángel Muñoz. Two years later, while filming in the mountains of Madrid, it was the story that found her. And so it was that she co-directed the short-documentary, "Uno+Uno", a story of overcoming a blind triathlete. The following year, again together with Juan Carlos Vellido, he co-directed the social short film "Síndrome". In 2017, in the XV Edition of the Notodo Film Fest, he won the Best Director and Best Documentary Award with the story of his own pregnancy, with the short film "Ahora tengo pene". In 2018 she repeated double awards with the short film "Fuera de Campo", with Juan Carlos Vellido. In 2020 his short film "Multitasking" won a Special Mention from Cultura Inquieta. And during her forties she made the short films "Otra historia de amor" and "Ya sé que quiero ser de mayor", the latter also obtained a Special Mention.

In 2019 she was chosen as one of the 15 women in the COOFILM program: collaborative residency for women filmmakers, where she began to develop her first film script. In 2020 her feature film script "Como si nada hubiera pasado" received the Aid from the Community of Madrid for the creation of film scripts. At the end of 2020, together with Cristina Urgel, she founded NOT ALONE productions, a developer of audiovisual projects focused on female talent. In only 7 months of activity, they have already reaped many achievements and opened many doors to projects led by women.

In 2021 the feature film project "Un día precioso" that Eva co-wrote with Juan Carlos Vellido has been selected for the Torino Film Lab Extended.

company profile

NOT ALONE is an emerging production company that was born with the faithful principle of seeking, finding and promoting female talent.
Advising the creative process of the projects from the development and accompanying the creators along the way, are the pillars on which the #NotAlonePhilosophy is based.
Our intervention involves actively collaborating in the search for co-production and financing of the project.

Eva Moreno and Cristina Urgel are the founders of NOT ALONE they met at the residency for women filmmakers COOFILM in 2019 and there they begin to collaborate in a constant way in their personal projects. They realize that the figure of a person who performs the functions of executive producer in the development phase makes the projects grow in an exponential way, that union is strength and that the development phase is the loneliest. So they decided to join forces and start working as a team to develop other projects. And from there was born.