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Francisco Botelho

Francisco Botelho




Graduated in Script Writing from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in 2004, he has since worked as an Assistant Director and Script Coordinator. He has more than 50 international advertising films in his curriculum, but his career in Cinema is particularly relevant, with around 20 films, among which his work with Manoel de Oliveira, Joao Botelho and Joao Nicolau stands out. In 2008 he made the short film Fevereiro (February), a project that had no financial support but was still selected for the Vila do Conde International Festival of the same year. In 2013, with the support of the ICA, he made his second short film, O Pesadelo de Jo o (Jo o's Nightmare), which was selected for Vila do Conde and for Doc Lisboa. In recent years he has been developing his first feature film and two television series.

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Known for her work at Filmes do Tejo, Maria João Mayer is founder of Maria & Mayer. a Lisbon-based production company. Following the work developed over the years, Mayer is internationally known for discovering Portugal's new talents (such as João Salaviza and Gabriel Abrantes) and offering others, such as Margarida Cardoso, Marco Martins, Flora Gomes, the chance to develop their work freely.

Her latest feature production was DIAMANTINO, the surprising feature film by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, winner of the 2018 Critics' Week Grand Prize at Cannes, leading the way to be presented in many prestigious festivals and exhibitions with a great critic reception. It was nominated for Best Comedy by the European Film Awards 2018. In addition, she co-produced the feature film SÃO JORGE by Marco Martins, premiered in 2017 and widely acclaimed and selected by major festivals worldwide, in the United States, Brazil, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sweden and others, being awarded with Best Actor in the Orizzonti section by the Venice Film Festival and also awarded in the same category with the Sophia and Golden Globe awards in Portugal.