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Leon Barbero

Leon Barbero


Scriptwriter, Film Director


Leon Barbero was born in 1992 in Matão, a small town in the interior of the São Paulo state. He moved to the capital in 2010 to study Cinema at FAAP University, where he graduated in 2014. In the last year of film school, Leon co-founded a video production company with an emphasis on advertising and institutional content for TV and Internet, where he performed as Director, Producer, and Editor until 2018. He was the head director of several multi-camera recordings of the Municipal Theater of São Paulo spectacles between 2014 and 2017. In 2019, Leon decided to follow his passion for fiction Cinema and screenwriting, and, thus, founded Joki - a production company dedicated to developing and producing his original projects. Through Joki, Leon directed his debut short film “Babelon” (2020) - selected by the Curta Cinema Festival 2020 and by Mostra Tiradentes 2021 (two of the most respected film festivals in Brazil). As a screenwriter, he was a semi-finalist in FRAPA 2020 (biggest screenplay contest in LATAM) with "Genesis", a finalist for ROTA 2019 in the categories "best screenplay" and "best dialogue" with "Crimson King", a finalist for ROTA 2021 in the category "best character" with "Delay", and a semi-finalist for the Rota - Cabíria ROTA 2019 Award with "God Doesn't Give Wings to Snakes".