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Agathe Berman

Agathe Berman


Training, Consulting, Writer


Pitch expert - with Coproduction forum of SeriesMania Lille, RdV Doc and Rdv BI@rritz with Unifrance TV Division, Haifa Film Festival, MIA Rome, Cine Ventana Madrid, Balkan Film Market of Tirana, Odessa Film Festival, as well as Craative Europe & EWA.
She conducts pitching training for the Documentary Workshop and the Series Department of La Femis, French National Film School. Within the art foundation school – Atelier de Sèvres – she trains students for the writing and oral exams of the French and international art colleges. She has produced over sixty films,
as an associate partner of Films d’Ici and Legato Films. Her credits include multi-awarded productions directed by Cédric Klapisch, Richard Copans, Louise Hémon, Gilles Bannier, Christophe Honoré. Since 2018, with her own company – Agathe Berman Studio – besides her pitchology activity, she has been developing art&society-oriented documentaries, series, exhibitions and provided textual expertise; working with filmmakers such as Louise Hémon, Cyril Brody, Maxence Stamatiadis, Gisèle Vienne, with networks such as Arte and France Television. She steps in as artistic adviser for staged creation, performances, video documents with artists such as Kader Belarbi, stage director Jacques Vincey and performer artist Steven Cohen.

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