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Ottavia Fragnito

Ottavia Fragnito




Alpi Film Lab Participant 2022


After graduating in law and passing the exam for the practice of law, my passion for cinema led me to attend the School of Cinema in Milan, where I graduated in 2011. Since then I started to collaborate as a consultant for various production companies.
The work experience in Ventura film, in particular, has allowed me to deal directly with the system of European co-productions, which I was able to deepen during my participation in the Workshop Maia
In recent years, as a producer at Maremosso, I have been involved in the development and production of documentary projects, feature films and TV series.

company profile

Maremosso is an independent production company founded in Milan in 2010 with the aim to realize both feature films and documentaries able to enter the international market while promoting Italian talents and artistic sensitivity.
Over the years the company has consolidated its role and its experience on a national level, as a container for the development of creative content.
In 2018 Maremosso joined The Family, a leading production company in the advertising production sector, thus combining the different and complementary experiences as well as the financial resources of both companies. The first joint project is the TV series Made in Italy, that has been released in 2019 on Amazon Prime Video