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Salvatore Lizzio

Salvatore Lizzio




Alpi Film Lab Participant 2022


Salvatore Lizzio was born in Sicily but he lived and worked in different cities including Rome, Venice, Stockholm, London, New York and Los Angeles. In recent years he has worked on various projects, around Europe, the United States and South Korea, managing to combine his philosophical research of language with new forms of cinematographic expressions, thanks also to the collaboration with renowned international artists. He is one of the producers of Revok, with which he has produced several independent cinematographic and audiovisual works of quality and cultural and social commitment of an international character.

company profile

Revok is a new production company, established in 2010 in Rome, Italy. The company closely monitors the continuous transformation of visual languages, is very interested in the relationship with other artistic forms, in the creation of ambitious and innovative products for cinema, television, advertising and new media.
Revok is focused on audio video production, delivering high-quality and very innovative products, following every step of the productive process, from the organizational and preparatory phases up to post production and the realization of the final product.