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koen van sande

koen van sande


Film Director


SeriesLab Participant 2022


After successfully finishing his studies as a film director at the
R.I.T.S. in Brussels in 1998 with the award winning short WES,
Koen Van Sande focussed on a postgraduate in screenwriting.
When returning from a writing workshop in Columbia University,
New York, he started working as a freelance director for Belgian
He created top rated reality shows and became a showrunner.
In 2005 Kanakna engaged him to direct and write fiction series
such as ‘16+’ and ‘De Vijfhoek’. He went on as the executive
producer of the crime series ‘Zone Stad’ for Studio A.
From 2013 he concentrates on fiction only resulting in 2 shorts
produced in 2014 RESEARCH (Raindance, Chelsea, In The
Palace,…) and in 2015 CRACKS (Montreal, Tampere, FEST- new

He also got funded in 2016 to write, produce and direct a big
budget fiction series Phil Frisco (10 EP) for VTM, the biggest commercial tv-station in Belgium. The series is in post production now.

His latest short LOCKDOWN (2018) got funded by VAF and
hits the festivals as we speak (selections: Oaxaca - Lift off Paris -
Braunschweig, Mallorca Evolution - ECU, Paris - ...) The shorts
are a preparation for his first feature film: CLEAN which
got funded by VAF for developement.

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