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Letícia Simões

Letícia Simões




Leticia Simões was born in Salvador in 1988. She graduated in Social Communication at PUC-Rio and studied Filmmaking at the London Academy of Film, Media and TV and Fine Arts at the Art Academy. She has a Master's degree in Contemporary Studies of Arts in UFF (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil) and a Master’s degree in Cine Ensayo by the Escuela de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de Los Baños in Cuba.
In 2011, she published the book of poems "People from whom I stole phrases" by publisher 7 Letras. In the same year, she directed the feature documentary "Wide Sargasso Sea", selected for the Festival of Rio de Janeiro, the Mostra de São Paulo and Tiradentes, among others. The film was sold to Apple TV, SESC TV and Canal Brazil. In 2013, she published "From here, in 1976, I waved to you," by publisher Patuá. In the same year, she wrote the script for "Building Bridges", directed by Heloisa Passos and selected by PRODECINE 05-2013 and DOC Montevideo and "Cupijó Master and his Rhythm", directed by Jorane Castro and selected by the Petrobras Cultural Program in 2012.
She is the co-director, co-writer and editor of the short documentary "geography is somewhere between the heart and what has been", selected for the It's All True, Short Film, Short Valley Riachão do Jacuípe, Cinephone (Spain) and Short Piece Press Vitez (Serbia). The film received an Honorable Mention in Short Valley Riachão do Jacuípe. Her second feature film project was approved by the Public Call / 2012 for Low Budget Production for Feature Film from Sec. of Culture of Rio de Janeiro. In "Everything will be colored as you wish," Letícia signs script and direction. The film received an Honorable Mention at the Festival Noida (India) and was chosen Best Documentary at Cinelatino Toulouse (France). In 2015, she made the making-of in "Joaquim", directed by Marcelo Gomes; worked as a photographer in the documentary "The Fight of the Century", by Sergio Machado; as a script collaborator in the series "Benfica Girls" and in the feature film "Band of the House", both directed by Roberta Marques; as script assistant and assistant director of "World's End", the TV series directed by Hilton Lacerda for Canal Brazil; she was also a guest writer in "Travel to Florida" directed by Armando Praça and Guto Parente and co-wrote "Ioles", Maria Camargo's first feature film. She is nowadays part of the creative screenwriting core in REC Producers (PE).
Currently, by REC Producers, Letícia is developing the essay documentary "House", a project selected by the Port Iracema Audiovisual Laboratory of Arts and the DOC LAB Montevideo. She was invited to write, with Arthur Lins and Marcelo Lordello, "Uplifting", the third feature film by Lordello. In 2016, her project "The Cottage is a Wind Between Island and Rain", a documentary about the Amazon writer Dalcídio Jurandir, the last of her trilogy of films about literature, was selected by public call Minc Long DOC.
As a visual artist, Letícia created works for Image and Sound Museum - SP, Caixa Cultural, Museum of Art of Santa Maria - RS and UFRJ. She had works exhibited in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.