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Christy Whaibe

Christy Whaibe


Film Director, Writer


Christy was born and raised in Lebanon. In 2012, she wrote and directed her first short film His name is a long story. It has won several awards in Lebanon and in the Arab world. After university, she worked as an assistant director for three years on many film projects. In 2016, she moved to Toulouse to undergo her masters in directing at the ENSAV and directed her 2nd short film Appel en absence, which also participated in many films festival worldwide. Following this, Christy established her videography company in France. Over these years, she completed writing a short film Tout va bien! and is currently resuming the development of her first feature film The sad life of Happy Pig! She took part of 3 writing residencies with this project: The rewriting residency with Fondation Liban Cinema in 2020, the Script2film workshop with MFI Greece and lately Chataignes Boostcamp with Passerelles Occitanie in the South of France.