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Gülin Üstün

Gülin Üstün


Film Festival


Decision Maker 2014
Script&Pitch Participant 2013
Decision Maker 2011


Started as agency producer at Young&Rubicam, until 2000 she worked in the major international advertising agencies.

In 2000, she joined Atlantik Film as producer for TV commercials and general coordinator, performing at each single stage of production.

Soon she started working also for the promotion, sales and distribution of the feature films. She effected the sales of the films to several territories including UK, France, Benelux and US and conducted the international co-productions and financing.

She is also the associate producer of "Hayat Var – My Only Sunshine" (2006, Reha Erdem). In 2008, she started GU-Film to give production service to several international feature films. In 2009, she realized the co-production with Belgium for "Turquaz".

Since 2006 she has been part of the executive board of Meetings on the Bridge – the industry section of Istanbul Film Festival. In 2010 she became the Head of this section.

Currently she is also working as consultant for script and project development. She is also the Cinema Program Manager at Soho House Istanbul.

She is an EAVE and TorinoFilmLab Story Editing workshop alumna.

company profile

Meetings on the Bridge, the industry section of the Istanbul Film Festival, primarily showcases film projects and films in post-production from Turkey at Film Development and Work in Progress workshops with the purpose of initiating negotiations for co-productions.

Aiming at offering further incentives, a Turkish-German Co-production Development Fund was established in collaboration with the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein funds in 2011.

Meetings on the Bridge continues to offer new prospects to filmmakers in any stage of their films, and acts as a go-to destination of the Turkish film industry for international professionals.