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Fanny Fanny

Fanny Fanny




Fanny wrote plays for theater at a young age and staged them with her independent theater group "Szenario". After graduating in "Screenwriting" at SAL Zurich in 2017, she also started writing for film and television. She was writer assistant for the SRF late night show "Deville" for 4 seasons. She writes columns, interactive storytelling concepts for museums and exhibitions and scenarios for comics. In 2020, she graduated from the Drehbuchwerkstatt München. In addition, her script "13 Zentimeter" won the Script Talent Award 2020, which Fanny is currently developing further with the production company Catpics AG. She is also co-writing the feature film "The good News Factory" with Pascal Glatz and part of the writersroom for the new comedy series #Mindfuckyourself on SRF.