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Christelle Younes

Christelle Younes




For the past 15 years i have been feeding my soul the passion of filmmaking.
Writing outlines, developping characters, organizing schedules and finally watching it all come to life is my ultimate pleasure. I believe in the power of the craft and long for the endless nights making it happen.
Born and raised in Beirut, I was exposed to different untold stories that need to genuinly express love, oppression, insecurities and dreams. Hence why I co-founded Bee On Set Productions, giving me the humbling opportunity to hand pick my partners in crime and together bring visions to big screens.

company profile

Established in January 2016, Bee On Set Productions is a hive built by dedicated people who are determined to keep its mission honest and fulfilled. Based in Lebanon, the bees never miss a chance to work abroad and collaborate with production houses around the world. Our collective handles producing and line servicing short films, feature films, series, and any other media form from start to finish.
We brainstorm, create concepts, execute the production and handle post production.
Our proudest project is the feature film “Death of a Virgin, and the Sin of Not Living” aka: ع أمـل تجـي , that we fully produced. The film had its world premiere at the Berlinale in February 2021 and has been touring the world for the past year collecting remarkable awards.
With a committed purpose, the bees line serviced “Confessions of a fashionista”, a Shahid Series for The Big Picture that was aired in December 2021 on the platform.
Also we line produced “TV Society” the feature film for Kabreet Productions that premiered at the Cairo International Film Festival in December 2020.
Our co-founders were individually hired in 2018 by Kabreet Productions, to supervise the execution of the first Arabic original content for Netflix “JINN” that was of 57 shoot days in Jordan. We were the casting director, production supervisor and the Unit production manager.
On a good note, we took our share for the gold prize in Best Film Craft category 2017 for the “Batman Film” in Cannes Lions, also as Line Servicing production IN CASE OF FIRE production house in Netherlands.
While developing long-term projects, the bees never missed a chance to produce short films that got recognized in many festivals like Cannes, Silk Road, ZUMEFF, Flatlands, LA Film Festival, and San Francisco Film Festival, and Ciclope.