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Paulina Križić

Paulina Križić




Paulina Križić is Associate Producer at 4 film production company from Zagreb, Croatia. She worked on feature fiction films, feature documentary films, animations and promotional campaigns.
Paulina's filmography includes work as Production Coordinator and Associate Producer on promotional television campaign of feature fiction film "You Carry Me", directed by Ivona Juka, who is the first Croatian film available on Netflix as well as an Oscar candidate for 2015. She worked on feature fiction film „Infinity Pool“ starring actors such as Alexander Skarsgård and Mia Goth by director Brandon Croenberg, feature documentary film Coastal Promenade by director Silvio Mirošničenko, feature documentary film „Being Related to John Malkovich“ by director Luka Mavretić, feature fiction film „SPAS“ by director Maksym Nakonechnyi, feaure documentary film „The Jungle“ by director Christian Natoli, feature fiction film „M“ by director Vardan Tozija, feature documentary film „Tata od formata“, by production CKD. She worked on numerous commercials for clients such as National Park Brijuni, Office for Human Rights and the Rights of National Minorities of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Demography and Social Policy, Croatian Fire Brigade, various NGO's such as Open Media Group and Centar for Cultural Activities. She is currently working on development of documentary film „Digital Nomads“ by director Christian Natoli and feature fiction film „The Dragon“, feature fiction film by director Ivona Juka.

company profile

4Film has produced 16 films and 8 European co-productions of different genres, including feature fiction, creative feature documentaries, shorts and TV series. Our films have been supported by Eurimages, won more than 70 awards at film festivals and were distributed in more than 190 countries worldwide. Notable titles include YOU CARRY ME (Karlovy Vary 2015, 88th Academy Awards entry, EFA nominee), ROMKOM (Montreal 2011), SOME OTHER STORIES (Göteborg 2010), SLOVENIAN GIRL (Toronto 2009) and FACING THE DAY (Sarajevo 2006).