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Rajko Jazbec

Rajko Jazbec




Rajko Jazbec was born in Slovenia and grew up in the mountains of Switzerland. In 2004, he began directing and producing films while also working in other fields such as the financial industries.

He is producer and managing partner at Catpics, a Zurich based film production company. He is a member of the Swiss and European Film Academy, an ACE Producers Network and Inside Pictures alumni and the Co-President of the Swiss Producers Association IG Independent Swiss Film Producers. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Business Administration.

company profile

Catpics, founded in 1984, specialized in quality feature films, documentaries and high-end drama with commercial appeal. Among other things, it was responsible for the production of the Oscar winner JOURNEY OF HOPE by Xavier Koller and produced two of the most successful Swiss films with LATE BLOOMERS by Bettina Oberli and MANI MATTER - WHY ARE YOU SO SAD? by Friedrich Kappeler, while also preparing for a generation handover with Sarah Born. In 2021 Rajko Jazbec and Dario Schoch merged their former Company CognitoFilms with Catpics and together with Sarah Born, they took over all projects and film rights of both companies. The recent projects include co-productions with Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Serbia. The company is dedicated to collaborating with like-minded international and domestic creatives and partners to bring great stories to the screen.