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Ian de la Rosa

Ian de la Rosa


Scriptwriter, Film Director


I graduated with a degree in Cinematographic Direction from the
Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia. My end-of-degree
project was a fictional short entitled “Víctor xx”, for which I
won an award in the Cinéfondation category of the Cannes Film

I learned the structures of dramaturgy, developing a fictional
series that never came to light. This was alongside the Movistar+
television platform. The series was called “Normal”.

I co-produced, alongside its director, the short documentary
“porque la sal”, which was premiered in Visions du Réel.
I later started working as a theatre actor, sui géneris, for a documentary
of French origin entitled “Trans (més enllà)”. This was premiered
at the Festival d’Avignon. By then, I had already started writing
the film project that I am presenting here, without having any

The first time that I tried to shoot my latest short, “Farrucas”,
it was a failure. This project was carried out in collaboration
with the Spanish Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA).

While I was preparing the second attempt, I started
working as part of the team of scriptwriters for the on-demand
fictional series, “Veneno”.

We managed to shoot “Farrucas” for the second time, this time
successfully, right before lockdown started. This short is yet to
be premiered in festivals. It is due to be premiered on a
television platform in 2021.

Now, I am only thinking and writing about “Aceituna”, as well as a
couple of further ideas for my next films. If I only had one
chance to make a feature-length film, I would make this one.