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Lucía Estévez González

Lucía Estévez González


Film Director


She’s graduated in Audiovisual Communications in Vigo and O Porto’s University, with an Erasmus scholarship at UCP. She continues her training by investigating scenic creation and acting direction with theatre and cinema professionals. She also researches because of her personal interest the presence of the dance in diverse formats.
In 2020 she receives the audiovisual creation’s grant to develop and promote Galician audiovisual talent for her first film: As Defensas (The Defences). Her previous work, O niño dos paxaros (The Bird’s Nest), is a short film which explores issues that are present on the film, and it was premiered in the Official Section of Gijón’s International Cinema Festival.
In 2020 she receives with Cosmica Producións the grant for audiovisual production and co- production of Galician cultural content for the short film O neno sardiña (The Sardine Boy), currently in edition phase
and which will be released in 2022.
In 2021 she wins Mestre Mateo’s award for Best Web Series with Xan, a project co-created with Miguel Canalejo. Xan also receives Project Award in Carballo
Interplay 2019.
In 2019 in Cortocircuito International Festival she wins the Best Direction award by CREA for her fiction short film Arrolo. In 2018 she wins María Luz Morales’ award for her video essay Muller personaxe (Woman- Character).
Beyond her work as a film assembler and director, she also works in theatral projects, the most recent one being Curva España, of Grupo Chévere, taking responsibility for the audiovisual space and of the cameras filmmaking on scene.

company profile

CÓSMICA PRODUCIÓNS is Galicia-based production company founded in 2018 by the producer Nati Juncal Portas and the director Sonia Méndez Alonso. We have been working together and producing our short films and web series since 2007. That year, Sonia directed and raised money to shoot her first short film, we met on set and became friends. Since 2007 we have built a fruitful director-producer tandem, developing our style, creating our space and teaming up with many other professionals. Together we made six short films and webseries Angélica & Roberta. Over the years we have combined our work together with jobs for several production companies where we have grown and learned.
In 2018 we created the webseries Antes de Perder (Rather than losing) and we had the opportunity to produce it for Playz-RTVE, the digital content platform of the Spanish public service broadcaster. At this juncture, we decided to start our own company.
Our productions explore the female universe from different aesthetic positions and thematic points of view, bringing up gender-specific issues and challenging roles. We are interested in working with new talent and innovative narratives.