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Wim Vanacker

Wim Vanacker




Decision Maker 2013


After studying psychology and filmstudies in Gent and Antwerpen, he moved to Dublin to work as a psychologist in the field of drug addiction. During this period he was employed as a film critic and a programmer for several filmfestivals.

After spending the last decade looking for his own creative voice. engaging himself in interior design, installation art, photography, writing and choreography, he realised none of them were sufficient to express himself fully.

They all missed a certain dynamic, a fire, an energy he did find in cinema. The sum of all parts. Whereupon he moved to Paris and picked up studying again at EICAR, the International Film School of Paris, where he made two shorts. Endgame, which got selected for 25 festivals and won 5 awards along the way, and The Naked leading the Blind, which got selected for 45 festivals thus far while winning 15 awards. After graduating, he discovered Nisi Masa and started off working as the project coordinator of European Short Pitch to finally become the Head of the Script Department.