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Virgil Vernier

Virgil Vernier


Scriptwriter, Film Director


FrameWork Participant 2011
Script&Pitch Participant 2010


Born and raised in Paris. His first films (Karine, Bird of gold, Tales of 2005) are about young people in Paris and its suburbs.

Between 2005 and 2007, he directed with Ilan Klipper a documentary diptych in the police milieu (Simulation, Police station). In 2009 he directed Thermidor, a film about an ex-biker who is nostalgic for the old regime.
In 2010 Pandore, a film about power relations at the entrance of a nightclub, was released.

In 2011, he directed Orleans, a film about two girls working in a striptease club and Joan of Arc. He is writing Mercuriales, his first feature film.