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Abba Legnazzi Alessandro

Abba Legnazzi Alessandro


Film Director


Since 2008 he has been working in primary schools and youth centres, coordinating film workshops and producing several short films. In 2012 he made his first documentary “Io ci sono” presented at the Filmmakerfest in Milan. In 2014 he released “Rada”, winner of the Best Italian Documentary Award at the Turin Film Festival. In 2015 the documentary “Storie di uomini e lupi” (Of Wolves and Men) was released, which he co-wrote with Andrea Deaglio. In 2020 he makes the documentary “Eskere”, presented at the 61st Festival dei Popoli. While 2022 he made “L’Ors”, co-produced by Fiumi Film and EiE film. The film is presented at the Bellaria film Festival (2022) where it receives the distribution award from the Beltrade cinema in Milan.