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Andrea Gori

Andrea Gori




Andrea Gori is CEO and a producer at Lumen Films. He graduated in Cinema, Television and New Media Studies from the University of Bologna and studied Production at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. He has worked for various production companies, including Titanus, Settembrini, Verdoro, Solaria, Moodfilm, and Fandango. In 2013, he founded Lumen Films, producing numerous short films, features and documentaries, including Bajkonour, Earth by Andrea Sorini, and the four-part documentary series Art for Change directed by Claudio Esposito. Lumen’s debut feature film was The Den, by first-time director Beatrice Baldacci.

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Luminous Stories

Founded in Rome in 2013, Lumen Films develops and produces work by young directors that sheds new light on the world around us. Fiction, documentary, films, and series—works in which arthouse style is woven together with serious narrative: stories whose ambition is enlightenment.
Lumen has produced short films by Adriano Giotti, including A Vuoto (Globi d’Oro nominee in 2015) and Mostri (David di Donatello nominee in 2017), both stories about the rage felt by a generation born in the 1980s. The short film Acquario (2018) by Lorenzo Puntoni (I Love GAI, Visioni Italiane, Brussels Short Film Festival), meanwhile, is an elegant thriller set in a swimming pool that explores the line between normality and madness through an unsettling dialogue between a young boy and a mass murderer.
In 2018, in collaboration with Rai Cinema and financed by MiBACT, Lumen produced the documentary Bajkonur Earth by Andrea Sorini—a film shot in southern Kazakhstan, site of the Soviet dream of space exploration. Screened at the Museum of Cinema and Television in New York, the film won an award at Milan’s Filmmaker Festival in the Prospettive category in 2018. In 2019, Il Saggiatore published a book based on the film: Bajkonur, Terra: Il deserto a un passo dal cosmo. Storia di una missione spaziale.
The television series Art for Change (2019) was produced by Lumen in association with The Piranesi Experience and co-produced by the Spanish company Potenza Producciones. Four stories about social transformation recount the impact of artistic interventions in the suburbs of large cities.
With The Den, by first-time director Beatrice Baldacci, Lumen won the Biennale College award in 2021. Financed by Venice Biennale, the film had its world premiere at Venice Film Festival. Selected for Alice nella Citta in 2021, the film won the Raffaelle Fioretti award for Best Film in the Panorama Italia section, and its theatrical release is planned for April 2022.
Currently in development are Fabula, a teen series selected for MIA’s Drama Pitching Forum 2020 and the Series Lab Hamburg 2021.