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Maialen Beloki

Maialen Beloki


Film Festival


TFL Meeting Event Eurimages Jury 2022
Decision Maker 2021
Decision Maker 2016
Decision Maker 2015
Decision Maker 2011


Since 2016 she is Deputy Director of the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Navarra (Pamplona) and received her doctorate degree in Cinema theory, analysis and documentation from the Basque Public University, Leioa.

Head of the Documentation and Film Department, the International Film Students Meeting and Zinemira. She is a Lecturer of Communication at the University of Mondragón.

She has collaborated with the electronic magazine Pausa and has participated in the book Antxon Eceiza, cine existencialismo y dialéctica (Jesús Angulo, Maialen Beloki, José Luis Rebordinos, Antonio Santamarina, Basque Film Library, 2010).

She has sit on the selection committee for short films screened in Kimuak, a programme to internationally promote and distribute Basque shorts organised by the Basque Government (2012, 2013).