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Ida Weiss

Ida Weiss




FrameWork Participant 2010


Ida Weiss works in film production since 1994. She graduated multimedia production at the Academy and Institute for Multimedia productions in Ljubljana.
She is co-founder and general manager of production company Bela film (Ltd) and producer of all it's titles. She is also managing director of cultural entity Senca Studio. Senca Studio was established in 2005 as an institute for cultural activities. Besides the production of audiovisual works, its focus are also educational activities for children.

Her production credits in both companies include 35 titles, including 8 feature films (fiction and documentary). She has been improving her knowledge and skills at various international workshops, including EAVE and ACE. From 2001-04 she worked as a producer of the Drama department at the Slovenian public broadcaster RTVSLO. She is a member of the EFA, EWA Network, Association of Slovenian Film producers, EAVE and ACE Network.

In 2018 she completed her directorial debut, a documentary portrait Peter vs. Harry (55 min.). Film premiered at Ljubljana Documentary festival and was awarded at Docudok Film festival.

company profile

Bela film is one of the leading Slovenian film production companies, predominantly home of art house feature films, creative documentaries and artistic shorts. The company was established in 1998 by the producer Ida Weiss and director Maja Weiss. General manager and producer of all Bela film' titles is Ida Weiss.
Company's track record includes more than 30 released titles of various formats, screened at festivals worldwide.