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Ida Weiss

Ida Weiss




FrameWork Participant 2010


Bela Film was established in 1998 by Ida and Maja Weiss.

Managing director of the company is Ida Weiss (1974). She has been working in film production since 1994. Her producers’ credits include all Bela Film titles. Occasionally she also acts as line producer for other production companies.

In 2005 she was selected as the first Slovenian representative at the EFP Producers on the Move.

Bela Film’s filmography includes 15 titles among which are feature films by Maja Weiss Guardian Of The Frontier (2002, Manfred Salzgeber award at 2002 Berlinale - Panorama, official nomination for the EFA’ Discovery award 2002), Installation Of Love (2007, Jury Prize at Trieste IFF), Road Of Fraternity And Unity (1998, official nomination for best video documentary at IDFA Amsterdam) and Dar Fur – War For Water by M. Weiss and Tomo Kriznar (2008, Amnesty Award at Durban IFF, Best Documentary at Zaragoza IFEF) and short films Every Day Is Not The Same and Stealing The Corn by Martin Turk, Child In Time by M. Weiss (2005, Berlinale Competition) and Glazier Blues by Harry Rag (2001, Clermont-Ferrand, Sheffield, Uppsala - honorary mention, Badalona - the Venus Award for Best Documentary).