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Daria Belova

Daria Belova


Film Director


Script&Pitch Participant 2014


Born in 1982 in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Daria Belova studied Russian literature and language in St.Petersburg State University. She worked as a journalist and a deputy editor for magazines in St.Petersburg and Moscow. In 2008, Daria moved to Berlin and became a student of the German Film and TV Academy Berlin (db). Daria makes films and video art.

Come and Play, 2013
Director: Daria Belova / DoP: Max Preiss
Fiction / 30 min / db / Germany

Ballet Story, 2011
Director: Daria Belova / DoP: Max Preiss
Fiction / 8 min / arte & db / Germany


-52 Semaine de la critique (Cannes film festival 2013), Cannes, France, Discovery prize for best short film

- Düsseldorf Student Film Festival 2013, Germany, Best Short Film

- Curta Cinema 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, International Best Film 2013 Youth jury

-Nomination for Award of the National Gallery for Young Art, 2013 Berlin, Germany

-42nd Filmfestival ALCINE, 2012, Madrid, Spain, 2 Best European Short Film

-57th Cork Film Festival 2012, Ireland, Best International Short Film - Special Mention

-17. Festival Brasileiro de Cinema Universitario 2012, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Best Cinematography

- 8. dieciminuti Filmfestival 2013, Ceccano, Italy, Best

- Ankara film festival 2013, Turkey, Best international Short Film

- Magma film festival 2013, Sicily, Italy, Best Short Film