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Flaminio Zadra

Flaminio Zadra


Production, Financial Consulting / Investor


ScriptLab - match point Participant 2017
Decision Maker 2016
Decision Maker 2015
Decision Maker 2009


Working experience
2004 to today: Managing Director, Dorje Film Srl, Rome
2004 to today: project developing at bombero International GmbH, Hamburg, Germany 2004 to 2012: project developing at Corazòn International GmbH, Hamburg, Germany 2001: location manager for Solino by Fatih Akin, Hamburg
1998 – 2001: fund raising, market analysis, project developing at Angeli Movie Service, Rome
1999 – 2003: consultant for the organization of several Italian film festivals: Capalbio Short Film Festival
2003; 1st and 2nd Festival of German Cinema in Rome,
2000- 2001; 1st Italian-Albanese Film Festival in Tirana, 1999
Main Filmography
Blanka by Kohki Hasei (In development), (Producer)
Aus dem Nicht by Fatih Akin (In development), (Producer)
The Cut by Fatih Akin (2014), (Executive producer)
Fraktus by Studio Braun (2012), (Associate Producer)
Garbadge in the Garden of Eden by Faith Akin (2012), (Co-producer)
Luha Sa Desyerto by Kohki Hasei (2011-Shortmovie), (Producer)
Soul Kitchen by Fatih Akin (2010), (Co-producer)
Ufo by Xiaolu Guo (2011), (Co-producer)
The Tree by Julie Bertucelli (2010), (Associate Producer)
Chemere Absetes by Fanny Ardant (2010-Shortmovie), (Co-Producer)
Min Dît by Miraz Bezar (2009), (Associate Producer)
Stories on Human Rights by Various (2009), (Executive producer)
The Edge of Heaven by Fatih Akin (2007), (Co-producer)
Chiko by Özgur Yildirim (2007) (Co-producer)
Shaving Hacke by Flaminio Zadra (2006-Shortmovie) (Executive producer)
Takva: A Man's Fear of God by Özer Kiziltan (2006) (Associate producer)
La via del successo by Leonardo D’Agostini (2005) (Executive producer and Producer)

company profile

The film production company Dorje Film was founded in November 2004 and operates from Rome, Italy. Its main activity is the development and production of film and multimedia projects.

Dorje Film has co-produced several films in collaboration with the production company of German director Fatih Akin, Corazon International:
These are three films of Fatih Akin (CROSSING THE BRIDGE, a musical documentary; THE EDGE OF HEAVEN that won the Palm for the Best Screenplay in Cannes 2008; and SOUL KITCHEN, fresh winner of the Special Jury Price in Venice 2009); furthermore TAKVA by Özer Kiziltan, that won different prices in Toronto, Berlin, Tribeca; and finally CHIKO by Özgür Yildirim, awarded at the German Film Awards.

Secondly, we are involved in a co-production with Paris-based Les Film du Poisson who are shooting, under director Julie Bertuccelli, THE TREE with Charlotte Gainsbourg in the main role.

Furthermore, we have played an active role in the development of STORIES ON HUMAN RIGHTS, a collective film with the participation of 25 directors and artists from all over the world, produced on the account of the UNHCR in occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.