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Jihane Chouaib

Jihane Chouaib


Film Director


Decision Maker 2016
Interchange Participant 2011


Jihane Chouaib was born in Beirut (Lebanon) just before the civil war. In 1976 her family chose exile and Jihane spent her childhood in Mexico. As a teenager, she arrived to France where she studied philosophy and theatre.

Jihane has directed five short movies including the critically acclaimed Sous mon lit, awarded as the best short movie by the French journalist union and presented at the festival of Cannes - Semaine de la critique in 2005.

She collaborated as a scriptwriter with other directors among which Danielle Arbid, Lionel Delplanque, Bruno Rolland, Rima Samman…

She has just finished a feature documentary, Pays rêvé, and is currently writing her first feature film, Mon amour, mon sang, mon souffle.