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Anas Khalaf

Anas Khalaf


Film Director


TFL Alumni Meeting Attendee 2017
TFL Alumni Meeting Attendee 2015
Interchange Participant 2012


After having worked in the oil and gas industry, Anas risked everything and turned his sights towards a career in film.

Born in Syria, but raised in France, Anas moved to Los Angeles in order to work with Frederic Golchan Productions. Whilst in LA, he co-produced the feature Prospect and also served as First AD on The Adventures Of Frank Dern.

With BintFilm, Anas served as Executive Producer on Driving To Zigzigland (Winner Best Film, Amal Festival) and developed Sleeping On Stones (Middle East Screenwriter’s Lab and MFCB, Cannes).

His short Syrian film Deaf Day is currently touring international festivals. His current projects in development include The Sytuation, which will be produced by John Molloy of Mushroom Pictures, Australia and the short film Ham to be shot in Chicago.

Anas holds an MBA from the Normandy Graduate School of Business in France