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Graziella Bildesheim

Graziella Bildesheim




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Graziella has been working in the film industry since 1991, at first consulting on the creative development and financial packaging of international co-productions and then as independent producer with her company Fabulafilm.
In 2005 Graziella founded Maia Workshops, the only training programme for upcoming producers supported by EU audiovisual funds, originating from Italy and taking place in different countries. Between 2009 and 2013 she also set up other training programmes such as HERMES and the Directors Across Borders Film Workshops for filmmakers of the Eastern Partnership countries. She teaches at the Centro Sperimentale/National Film School in Rome and lectures on project development in Italy and abroad. She is also an expert assessing projects for European funding institutions.
From 2014 to 2016 Graziella served on the Italian Ministry of Culture National film support board.
She is in the jury of the David di Donatello award and member of the European Film Academy.

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Maia Workshops is an advanced training programme for young and upcoming producers supported by European audiovisual programmes and institutions since 2005. Its hands-on participative and creative approach to coaching young professionals has attracted more than 400 participants and over 20 partners to its workshops held in 35 different countries.
Maia has a steady hold on the state of the art in the global audiovisual market and involves many among the best industry experts in the world. Its exclusive focus on new and innovative ways of making and marketing films sets the participants at the very centre of the process and provides them with the fundamental skills to steer their projects to their chosen audience.
Maia is made up of three independent five-day workshops across a year. Its offer also includes collaborations with Festivals and markets and tailored events for partners.