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Audience design 2016

TorinoFilmLab is restructuring its programmes!

If you are a film, media & digital professional wishing to get trained in the creation of innovative audience engagement strategies for international, independent film projects, please check out the call for applications for FeatureLab 2017, to be launched in January 2017.



TARGET PARTICIPANTS: international film, games, media, sales - and marketing professionals interested in gaining further hands-on experience in working on audience awareness and engagement strategies for independent and art-house film projects in advanced development or post-production.

DURATION: 2 week-long residential workshops in April/May & August 2016 as well as participation in the TFL Meeting Event in November 2016 + on-line sessions.

FEE: 500 Euro

EXTENDED DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: March 7th, 2016, 12:00 p.m. CET (noon)

TorinoFilmLab presents the new call for applications aimed at international film, media & digital professionals wishing to gain solid hands-on experience within a realistic framework, creating audience engagement strategies for international, independent film projects in various stages of production.

Working in teams, 6 audience designers will work with 3 awarded projects – supported by the TFL Audience Design Fund in 2016 – to develop and finalize innovative audience engagement strategies to coincide with the films’ future distribution.

The participants will be presented at the yearly TFL Meeting Event in November 2016 and, more importantly, their strategies will be considered by the film teams with regard to implementation, as all the projects have been awarded a dedicated budget for alternative initiatives for their coming national and international distribution in 2016/2017, allowing to measure their impact.

The programme, supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Sub-programme of the European Union, is realized with the support of the Polish Film Institute and in partnership with PKO OFF CAMERA and Film på Gotland.

Early audience awareness and varying levels of audience engagement are an important part of the new film development and distribution landscape; the roads towards reaching and communicating with possible audiences multiply and diversify rapidly and need to be explored from a wider, multi-angle approach.

This programme aims at creating possible steps as part of a strategy to build, reach and activate audiences during a film’s development, production and post-production stages and at the moment of sales and distribution.

The Audience Design programme goes beyond the creative film marketing approach, using storytelling and narrative as a driving force and to build communities, social and digital media outreach as well as off-line activities around the projects involved. The approach is therefore open, playful and experimental – encouraging participants to explore new ways of communicating content while collaborating on concrete strategies.

As explained above, the programme allows audience designers to work directly with filmmakers and producers within a process-based format that allows the strategies to be tested.

This pioneering process leads to a final, public presentation of the results in the TFL Book of Projects publication and to a presentation of the audience designers in front of an invited group of decision makers at the TFL Meeting Event in November, during the Torino Film Festival.

6 audience designers will work on a total of 3 awarded feature film projects – supported by the TFL Audience Design Fund in 2016 – together with the respective teams of writer/director and producer. Lena Thiele and Valeria Richter, Head of Studies and Tutors, will guide the participants through the whole development, planning and presentation process. Participants will work with the project teams and meet relevant guest trainers during their journey.

Audience Designers are expected to take responsibility for the projects they work on, and to manage the collaboration with the filmmakers and producers, supported by their professional mentors.

Who can apply?
International film, games, media, sales - and marketing professionals, who have relevant, documented experience in creating and producing new narrative formats that engage audiences across different platforms and media, and can span a combination of film, TV, on-line, interactive and gaming, such as (yet not limited to) story architects, audience engagement managers, online content developers, social media managers, distributors, sales agents and creative producers.

The working language of all workshops, meetings and events is English; thus, a good knowledge of English is essential in order to participate.

Participation fee & scholarships
Participation fee: 500 Euro.
Scholarships can be assigned by merit.

This amount covers workshop training, on-line sessions, accommodation and subsistence during the workshops. Participants must pay travel costs. In many countries scholarships are available for this training.

How to apply?
6 participants will be selected as Audience Designers.

Please click on the “Apply Now!” button in the right-side column of this page to access the on-line application form and submit your project. Before starting the application process, you will need to create an account on the TFL Visitor Page.

The materials you will be requested to submit in the on-line application form are the following:
- an updated CV (max 2 pages)
- a motivation letter (why do you want to take part – max 1 page)
- a short biography, explaining what your experience brings to the workshop and how you see your role working in a creative project team (max 1 pages)
- examples of previous work and/or links to websites/images/videos

Deadline for applications: March 7th, 2016, 12:00 p.m. CET (noon)

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed via scheduled Skype meetings.

For more information, please contact:


Workshops & on-line sessions

1st residential workshop: 27 April – 3 May 2016 (Krakow, Poland)
2nd residential workshop: 25 – 31 August 2016 (Gotland, Sweden)
3rd residential workshop and Meeting Event: 22 – 25 November 2016 (Turin, Italy)