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ScriptLab match point 2017


TARGET PARTICIPANTS: creative producers and scriptwriters from all over the world. The call addresses both creative producers with ideas for a feature film and scriptwriters interested in working on commission internationally. Producers and scriptwriters will team up, in order to develop together, and under the guidance of TorinoFilmLab, a script that originates from the creative impulse of the producers.

DURATION: 1 workshop for 7 scriptwriters and 5 producers + 2 workshops and on-line sessions for 3 teams of scriptwriters and producers selected and formed after the first workshop.

FEE: First workshop: free for all. Second and third workshop: 2.000 Euro for the producers, free for the scriptwriters. The producers will cover the scriptwriters’ travel costs and compensate for their work (see below).

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: December 1st, 2016, 12:00 p.m. CET (noon).

About ScriptLab – match point
ScriptLab – match point
focuses on fostering creative relationships between producers and scriptwriters on commission. The first intent is to facilitate the creation of new producer/scriptwriter teams aimed at the development of fiction feature film scripts based on ideas that are coming from the creative producers. The range of producers’ ideas/concepts deemed eligible will be very large and may originate in various ways. Producers can notably apply with a book for which they secured an option or the rights beforehand. Both the producers and the scriptwriters on commission will be able to choose one another by working and brainstorming ideas around a fictional concept. ScriptLab – match point is designed for producers and writers wishing to find new working partners, and wishing to work in a team, developing together projects at an early development stage, diving deep into the writing process along six months of intensive work.

The programme is structured into 3 week-long residential workshops and a series of on-line sessions.

During the first workshop, 5 creative producers and 7 scriptwriters are selected and invited for a brainstorming workshop, where the producers are able to present their ideas to the scriptwriters that in response can decide which ones they are more interested in, and make suggestions for further writing development. At the end of this process, which can last up to a month after the first workshop, 3 writer/producers teams are formed to work on 3 projects.

The 3 projects will then start working together in one group guided by a tutor with a wide international experience as a script consultant. Throughout the remaining six months, the idea is to move forward with the writing, with the aim of having at least a solid treatment at the time of the TFL Meeting Event.

A Talent & Project Development Advisor, whose job is focused on nurturing creative working relationships between scriptwriters, producers and directors, will accompany the participants along the programme, meeting with them individually and collectively at every workshop to assess the progress of their work and to give them broader advice on how to enhance the project.

A final presentation of the projects during the TFL Meeting Event in November concludes and completes the training: all participants present their projects publicly to an audience of international producers, sales agents and other film industry professionals, have one-to-one meetings with Decision Makers, and are granted visibility thanks to the TFL Catalogue.

Who can apply?
ScriptLab – match point
is open to scriptwriters on commission and creative producers from all over the world.

Applicants must confirm their entire availability for all the workshops and the final TFL Meeting Event.

The working language of all workshops, meetings and events is English; thus, a good knowledge of English is essential in order to participate.

Participation fees & scholarships
First workshop
: free for all. Workshop training, accommodation and subsistence are covered. Participants must pay travel costs.

Second and third workshops: 2.000 Euro for producers only. Workshop training, accommodation and subsistence are covered. Producers must pay their & the scriptwriters’ travel costs.

Producers will compensate the scriptwriters for their work. The idea of ScriptLab – match point is to initiate creative teams, which will develop sustainable work relationships beyond the period of the workshops, at least until the completion of the film project. In such cases, both parts will establish a private contract between one another after the completion of the programme.

However, if after the programme, the producer pursues the film project without the scriptwriter on commission, the latter will receive a flat fee of 3.000 Euro from the producer for his/her work during the period of the programme. If the producer does not pursue the film project, the scriptwriter on commission will receive a flat fee of 1.500 Euro from the producer for his/her work during the period of the programme.

How to apply?
The requested materials - to be submitted all together in one PDF - are:

For producers:
- A project concept (2 pages minimum/5 pages maximum – including a project synopsis if applicable);
- A producer’s intention note (3 pages maximum);
- A CV (2 pages maximum);
- A production company profile (2 pages maximum);
- In case of adaptation: a synopsis of the book (1 page maximum).

For scriptwriters:
- A motivation letter (3 pages maximum);
- A CV (2 pages maximum);
- A sample of previous works (script and/or treatment – 15 pages maximum).

Please click on the "Apply Now!" button in the right-side column of this page to access the on-line application form and submit your materials. Before starting the application process, you will need to create an account on the TFL Visitor Page.

Deadline for applications: December 1st, 2016, 12:00 p.m. CET (noon)

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed via scheduled Skype meetings on January 27th and 28th, 2017.

For more information please contact:

The selected projects of ScriptLab must indicate TorinoFilmLab support in the film credits, by displaying the TorinoFilmLab logo and the caption “Developed at TorinoFilmLab”.


Workshops & on-line sessions

1st residential workshop: 20-25 March 2017 (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2nd residential workshop: 24 June - 1 July 2017 (Brignogan, France)
3rd residential workshop and Meeting Event: 21-26 November 2017 (Turin, Italy)