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Pablo Aguero



Lisandro, an Argentine architecture student, is moody and hyperactive. He comes to Paris for a graduation trip and he submits a project proposal in a competition for the reconstruction of the city center.
He is determined to win, although he does not even have the right to participate. In fact, he does not have a residency permit to live in Europe, doesn’t know anyone in France and he has never built anything. But what he does have, is a logic all of his own: where the rest of us see walls, Lisandro sees doors. He manages to grab even the most unusual opportunities and he allows himself to get carried away by anything that catches his fancy.
He bounces back and forth between luxury and squalor, he meets the love of his life in a revolving door and loses her the very next day. He constructs a real home with found items, and he attains his impossible goal in a way that would surprise everyone, including himself.


Whenever I tell people that Lisandro is going to construct a house in the middle of Paris all by himself, on a vacant lot, using recycled material, Europeans imagine that this film will be done in a fantasy genre.
However, this type of adventure is very common in poor countries; I myself have helped to build just such an improvised house. On the other hand, the Europeans are completely right: it is an impossibility, because this type of house could collapse at any moment. But in most cases, such buildings manage to stay standing, as if by some miracle. This, in essence, is the tragicomedy of Lisandro.
Watching this film we can allow ourselves to be seduced by the spirit of Lisandro. Forget about the bureaucratic procedures and preventive measures, believe that everything is possible, use everything that comes within reach, build miniature castles out of the leftovers of a meal, weave together a giant tent out of plastic bags, start a family with a girl that you just met in the street, a girl who speaks a totally foreign language…

A homeless architect wants to rebuild the center of Paris. It's impossible, but he’ll do it.
Pablo Aguero

Scriptwriter, Film Director

production notes

directed by
Pablo Agüero

produced byCharivari Films
38 rue Servan
75011, Paris

total production budget
€ 2.000.000