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Dragomir Sholev, Martin Iliev



A boy is chased and beaten up by a group of kids. This is Stoyan, but everyone calls him Pig – 13 year-old outsider who lives with his grandmother and her ill sister. His parents are immigrant workers and their presence in his life is only on the screen of his phone. A head taller than the others and overweight, he could not fit into the world of his classmates.

He is bullied everyday, but never responds. Until one day, when a boy tries to steal his phone – the only connection with his parents – Pig instinctively fights back and hits the boy, almost deadly. Convinced that he is a killer, Pig runs away and hides in a nearby forest.
But the boy is not hurt and the kids want revenge.

Pig spends a night full of hardships and tests – chase, hunger, fear, animals. In the woods he reinvents his powers that no one gave him and rebuilds his ability to shout. His adventure ends with Pig confronting his bullies for the first time in a fight with blood and mud on a kids’ playground in the park.


Pig is a study of an outsider. The story takes place in a day of Stoyan’s life – a boy with a massive body – but somehow transparent to his classmates. Pig is a symptomatic nickname bearing heavy charges and directly expressing a certain kind of attitude. A classic conflict clarifies: the person against society. The lonesome guy against the group. The day Pig dares to exist, he needs to be punished.

Why do the rest treat Pig in this way? Can it change? We will not answer these questions and we avoid any didactics. How Pig is treated is linked with a study of a certain bestiality in how nowadays Bulgaria grows, where power and authorities are being taken by “beasts”. In order to survive in modern society, Pig needs to become a bit animal to become more human. In the forest he reinvents himself, stepping into visibility as a victim, facing his bullies for the first time. It is a story about finding identity in a violent environment.

We want to tell this story, because we know the protagonist and the situations. We are familiar with the world of this kind of relationship and we feel engaged with the theme.
We are personally attached to the boy that everybody hates without a reason.


The mind transformations of a boy pushed to his limits by society.
Dragomir Sholev

Film Director

Martin Iliev

Film Director

production notes

directed by
Dragomir Sholev

written by
Dragomir Sholev, Martin Iliev