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My Time

Daria Belova



We spent a lot of our present remembering ourselves in the past. It is a beautiful process, but in some periods of life it can become an obsession: when it seems that all what was interesting in your life is already left behind and will never repeat.

Claire goes through an existential crisis and entering her old city she enters a labyrinth of her memories. She parties with young neighbours. She tries to seduce the man she used to love. And inside her head there is always a parallel reality of her beautiful and bitter past, which bewitches her.

The structure of the film follows the co-existence of past and present in Claire’s head: past transfers to present like in Möbius strip. Past incarnations of Claire (when she was 10, 18 and 30-years-old) live and
act near to her... Or these are just people who look alike and on whom
she projects herself?

I would like to make a film with ambiguous, vanishing, slipping away nature, which reminds the way memory functions, its tenderness and sadness. Subjectivity of perception, illusions that are hidden behind small events. Small details, that are captivating and emotional. In the mirror of such small things we search for our reflection.


Ordinary life of a small city. Anne (10) got bitten by wasps and refuses to go out of her room. Mado (18) tries to get back the boy who left her. Madeleine (30) brings a stranger to a party and provokes a scandal.

Claire (38) quarrels with her husband, and in order to sell her old apartment comes back to the small city where she spent her youth. She meets a young neighbour who resembles her first love and feels
attracted to him. While she lingers through the city, she sees her past in it: how she was bitten by wasps when she was small; how she chased the boy who was her first love when she was 18. How she met a stranger on the street when she was 30. Her memories continue to live around her, as if her past incarnations were still alive.

The city gets her trapped into the enchanted fairy tales of her past, but being first nostalgic it becomes a nightmare: all what Claire is doing is just a desperate attempt to relive her past again. How to find a way out of it?

If you could meet yourself when you were younger, would you recognise yourself?
Daria Belova

Film Director

production notes

original title
My Time

directed by
Daria Belova