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Arianna Meccanica

Costanza Durante, Giacomo Bisanti, Matteo Visconti



Born and raised in Demetra, the Earth colony on Mars, Arianna keeps moving from one family shelter to another after being abandoned by his mother, a drug addict who occasionally shows her face to borrow some money. But now things are changing: thanks to her best friend Niki, she
manages to be admitted to be accepted at the Golden League Institute, high school attended by the scions of the Elite. Among his new classmates Vittorio and Davide stand out immediately, two very different guys linked by a deep friendship. Things are bound to change when a terrorist attack pulverizes the colony establishment and drives the population to the brink of a civil war between Men and AIs, a war fought years back and from which Humans came out as winners. In a world turned to battlefield between machines and men, Arianna finds herself to be in love with a normal guy and an artificial one and discovers that she has both natures in herself. Moving between Demetra and the UnderCity (the ghetto of the Machines) Arianna discovers herself to be the cornerstone of a war and must choose which one of her two sides will prevail.


Ours is an ambitious and unusual project for the Italian TV series landscape: creating an original teen-SciFi saga that can address, through eventful adventures, adolescent issues such as identity awareness, sexuality and relationship with the otherness

In the clash between Humans and Machines a teenager girl finds herself having the fate of both species in her hands.
Costanza Durante


Giacomo Bisanti


Matteo Visconti


production notes

original title
Arianna Meccanica