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Baby Alone (a.k.a. The Girl with the Double Bass)

Matthias Luthardt, Judith Angerbauer



Ida, nearly 16, is an unremarkable teenager. Skinny, lanky, pale. What is more remarkable: she plays the double bass. With the massive case on her back, she nearly disappears. But when she starts playing, Ida surprises us with her power and intensity.
Her single mother Fanny calls it a “strange hobby” and is worried about Ida’s spine. Passing the Young Philharmonic Orchestra audition, Ida meets Johannes, the conductor. In him, she finds a soul mate who allows her to escape her mediocre life at home. Ida falls in love with the 40-year-old man.
When he responds to her discreet advances by spending a night with her, Ida is on cloud nine. Until she finds out that Johannes has started a passionate love affair with her mother.
A subtle fight between the two women begins, complicated by the shocking news that Ida is pregnant. She will not tell Fanny who the baby’s father is. Instead, Ida is determined to step out of her mother’s shadow, win Johannes for herself and start a small family on her own.


In my first feature film, I followed a teenager into a secluded family, observing a dysfunctional mother-son relationship centering around a classical piano. I am now interested in putting myself in the shoes of a self-absorbed girl who is clinging to the most clumsy and intimidating instrument: the double bass.
Driven by this peculiar ambition, our main character is constantly wandering between two worlds: her claustrophobic home – dominated by her nonconformist mother – and the orchestrated, disciplined world of classical music in all its grandeur and painful torment.
We will be closely aligned with her emotional point of view, with a camera that breathes down her neck and visualizes her moments of being seduced and taken captive by the music and its authoritarian master, the conductor. We will witness the abuse of power, without blaming the characters for being weak or manipulative. Ida is a fatherless teenager who feels more of an adult than she actually is, she is yearning for independence and ready to make huge sacrifices.
Being deeply moved by this girl and her strong commitment, I would like to invite the audience to witness her restless struggle for a place in this world.

“Music is the perfect type of art. Music can never reveal its ultimate secret.” (Oscar Wilde)
Matthias Luthardt

Film Director

Judith Angerbauer

Film Director

production notes

directed by
Matthias Luthardt

produced byFrench Exit
Stubbenkammerstr., 8
10119 , Berlin

written by
Matthias Luthardt, Judith Angerbauer