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Bad Trunk

Cristina Bîlea



This is a night like any other night. But for Nadia and Bobo this is probably the worst night of their lives. Young housewife Nadia has just poisoned her older husband and is now looking for a way to get rid of the body. Small-time crook Bobo has escaped from prison and is being chased through the woods by the police with dogs and helicopters. Traumatised by her own actions, Nadia stops on a deserted country road to try to reach her lover and ask for his help. Spotting the car idling under a streetlamp, Bobo climbs into the trunk of her car without any clear plan but to hide from the police helicopters that appear above. But Nadia is no ordinary night driver and Bobo discovers that he is not alone in the trunk. Soon it is hard to know who is taking whom hostage and what the real stakes of this unusual encounter are.


I think humour is a very valuable asset of the short story and so I intend to find new ways of exploring the dark streams of comedy.

Closely observing life, I find it can be absurdly funny and the two characters are in the right spot to look life right in the eyes: the existence they left behind can never be recovered, violence is constantly at bursting point and they are burdened with a corpse which they need to play with in order to fool the police.

I have decided to try not to dissipate the intense energy of the story by using flashback or exposing much of the characters’ back story, which would have been tempting considering the length of the short story.

"Bad Trunk" takes place one gruesome night in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Eastern Europe. I want the film to force the viewer into a car with two crazed people in a moment of their life when even they cannot fully understand their actions. Nadia and Bobo are both running from something, they have many things to hide from each other and from themselves. As hours pass and the challenges become more difficult, they inevitably get close, but that cannot last.

My hope is to make viewers laugh while tackling universal human values like love, empathy and respect for life and how much these can stretch without snapping in extreme situations.


Getting in the car with the wrong woman makes an escaped criminal fantasize about life in prison.
Cristina Bîlea