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Sandrine Joly



Max is a famous Olympic biathlete about to become a father for the first time. His life is turned upside down after an accident at the world championships sounds the death knell of his career. This is when his father, who he has not seen for 15 years, chooses to reappear in his life. Richard has just become the new mayor of Lyon and has the ambition to host the next Olympic winter games. He wants his son to be the face of the candidacy. Max does not want his father back in his life, even less when he learns that Richard may be involved in corruption matters. A few months later, Max’s son Lucas is diagnosed with a disabling disease; he will never walk. The doctor tells Max this could be a consequence of doping. Max, who never took any drugs, recalls that his father, his trainer during his teens, used to give him “food complements“. Now he is persuaded that Richard is responsible for Lucas’ illness and wants justice. He endorses the candidacy in order to bring his father down. Will Max go so far as to sacrifice the Olympics on the altar of his vengeance or will he lose himself into this double game?

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SeriesLab 2017

April 16, 2018

The french production company Makever is currently developing Olympics.


If the Olympics are still synonymous with magic, it is often tainted by corruption or doping, and its environmental and economic impacts are now heavily questioned. The series explores the backdrop sphere of an Olympic campaign through the personal vendetta of a character who finds himself caught between his sports ideal and his ideal of justice.

A biathlon world champion becomes the face of the Olympic candidacy in order to bring down his corrupted father.
Sandrine Joly


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