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Of a Different Nature

Tone Andersen, Mamdooh Afdile



Marius is a troubled scientist who is obsessed with finding a cure to his Tourette’s. After 20 years away from his hometown, a painful place where he was bullied as a child, he visits his police sister to bury their mother. But instead he steps into the midst of a mystery that changes his life. His sister warns him of unexplainable deaths taking place after a sudden explosion in the local mine. When Marius accidentally enters the mine, his Tourette’s symptoms instantly disappear. Unable to explain what happened to him, Marius keeps his healing a secret, while investigating what he believes will lead to a medical break-through. When he starts experiencing intense hallucinations, he searches for answers in the survivors of the mine explosion. They only bring further questions when he finds that they exhibit dangerous abnormal behaviour. An indigenous woman tells him that he is destined to stop the evil spirits that the mining has unleashed and that the answer to his questions are found in his visions. Marius insists there must be a scientific explanation to it all. Soon he realises that whatever nemeses is dwelling in the mine, it is extremely intelligent and with a hidden plan.


In this story we intend to combine the powerful psychodrama with the cinematic genres of sci-fi and magic realism to tell a story about humans and nature. With a contemporary approach, we aim to reach a wide specter of audiences - from fans of the intellectual thriller to lovers of sci-fi, mystery and crime.

A mysterious phenomenon sends a troubled scientist on an investigative journey where science and spirituality entangle.
Tone Andersen

Scriptwriter, Film Director, Production

Mamdooh Afdile

Scriptwriter, Film Director, Production

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