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Back in the day

Guido Silei



Marcello and Penelope are a married couple who lives in Rome. Their marriage hasn’t been working lately and one evening, after a discussion, Penelope makes the wish that Marcello disappeared from her life. That same night Marcello gets mysteriously punched backwards in time in post-WWII Italy. When he realizes that he is trapped in the past, Marcello sets about searching for a way to communicate with his wife. In the meantime, Penelope tries to find out what happened to him. When she is just about to give up, she gets a message from the past. Penelope starts to look into history for any trace of Marcello, who witnesses, and in some cases influences, some of the defining events of Italy’s history after World War II.


The series explores a thousand-year-old fantasy: that love could go beyond time. Besides, with the story of two lovers separated by decades, I would like to retrace the golden age of Italian society and connect my country’s past to its present with a new and original take.

A married couple is separated and their bond is put to the test after the husband is mysteriously thrown into the past.
Guido Silei

Scriptwriter, Consulting

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original title
Back in the day