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Marcin Kubawski, Miłosz Sakowski, Maciej Kubicki



A year ago, two teenage girls went missing: Alicja and Weronika. They didn’t know each other. They came from different social backgrounds. Their disappearances seem to be unrelated. Today, one of them returns. She looks traumatized, her body holds marks of being held captive. It’s Alicja – a girl from a good family, a popular Youtube vlogger. Seemingly a victim, she claims not to remember anything. But not everyone believes her. Tomek, Weronika’s older brother, claims Alicja is lying and she’s linked to Weronika’s disappearance. He never believed his sister ran away from home. He thought the police neglected the search for her as she wasn’t a high-profile case like Alicja. Now Tomek, a juvenile troublemaker from a poor neighbourhood, becomes the only seeker of truth. He starts his own investigation to find his sister. As we watch Alicja returning to her life, we see how she deceives and manipulates her friends. We realize that the group is bound by the secret of what happened on the night of the disappearance and that Alicja came back planning to take revenge for what happened to her. At the end of the first episode, we know Tomek is right: Alicja is anything but an innocent victim…


Trauma is more than a story about the secret of a missing girl. It’s a story about teenagers lost in today’s world. In the age of easy access to everything, every choice can be crucial and every decision can determine who we become. Using the form of a thriller, we want to tell a modern coming-of-age story of the millennial generation.

Two teenage girls went missing. After a year one of them returns. She’s not just an innocent victim.
Marcin Kubawski


Miłosz Sakowski

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Maciej Kubicki


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