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The Beehive

Domante Urmonaite, Martynas Mendelis



The Beehive is set in the present world, with all the rules and values of ours, and one extraordinary detail – secret technology, that allows people to swap their minds. Beehive employs exclusively talented agents who couldn’t follow their calling in the real world. Agents can occupy their client’s body for up to 8 hours to do any required service. Wealthy clients take credit for painting the next Mona Lisa, delivering excellent speeches, and playing Bach’s symphonies. Agents also get a fair pay to suffer through painful clients’ dentist appointments and boring family dinners. We follow Jonas - Beehive’s “fixer”. Being stubborn and cynical, he cleans up the mess by any means necessary. Only one person makes him vulnerable - his sister Hannah, who’s locked in a psychiatry hospital. After discovering that Beehive caused Hannah’s condition, Jonas questions his loyalty. Ron, the head of Beehive, has found out the way to switch the minds of two people permanently. Now, he’s hunting young, innocent people and selling their bodies to his new clients – rich old people and criminals. Jonas joins the Resistance movement designed to expose Beehive and tries to beat the complex system from the inside.


We aim to explore how our world would change, if we add one extraordinary detail – technology that allows to swap minds. Some futurists believe that by 2045, humans will achieve digital immortality. The fundamentals for that is being built today. We are eager to speculate how such technology influences human’s decisions and the concept of identity.

After discovering shady affairs of a secret corporation, agent Jonas tries to beat the system from inside.
Domante Urmonaite

Scriptwriter, Film Director

Martynas Mendelis


production notes

original title
The Beehive