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Sweet Blood

Patricia Gomez Zlatar, Elza Kephart



In this world, our vampires come from an isolated tribe who, after centuries of inbreeding, is plagued with both porphyria, a fatal allergy to the sun, and lethal anemia. This forces the tribe to be nocturnal, and to survive on human blood. The consumption of blood slows down their metabolism, giving them a lifespan lasting centuries, and making them appear immortal. They live sheltered in their insular mountain stronghold, having created a society with its own rigid rules and religion. They feel superior to humans who they see as childlike beings, something akin to cattle. Most of their members have never ventured out into the human world, and are totally alien to its customs.

Lucas, one of these vampires, feeling imprisoned by his tribe’s narrow-minded mentality, left to forge a new life, decades ago. He is now quietly settled in suburbia with his pregnant wife Miriam. The series begins when two tribe members, Marek and Trina, have tracked him down because the tribe is dying off and is unable to reproduce. They need Lucas’s help and will not leave until he finds a solution. This turn of events throws all their lives in upheaval: Lucas must face a nature he has long suppressed and come to recognize that he will never truly fit into the life he has created; Trina becomes fascinated by this strange new world and must learn to navigate its complex terrain; Marek struggles to keep his mission on track in a world that is becoming increasingly ambiguous, forcing him to reconsider the strict tribal values he has always clung to. Meanwhile, Miriam starts questioning her feelings for her husband and for the life she has built weeks before her child is due.

project updates

SeriesLab 2017

April 14, 2018

In 2017 Sweet Blood was optioned by Attraction Media, one of Quebec's biggest TV production companies. Attraction are working with Bristow Global Media of Toronto to secure development financing for the project.


Sweet Blood is a horror drama that reinvents the vampire myth by stripping away its supernatural elements and rooting it in reality. We eschew the fantasy of vampires: no fangs, no super‐human strength, no hypnotizing charm and no idyllic romance between human and vampire. Instead, we approach the vampire myth from a biological perspective.

Long fascinated by the vampire myth, it is learning about Porphyria, the “vampire disease” that kindled our imagination. What if the origin of the myth was biological instead of supernatural? How would these vampires define themselves? What would happen when they realised they were merely human? Sweet Blood explores these multifaceted questions.

Lucas, a scientist living in the suburbs with his wife, is tracked down by members of his blood drinking tribe who face imminent extinction unless he finds a cure for their inability to reproduce.
Patricia Gomez Zlatar


Elza Kephart

Writer, Film Director

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original title
Sweet Blood