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Sweet Blood

Patricia Gomez Zlatar, Elza Kephart



In Sweet Blood vampires are a mortal tribe living secluded in the Caucasus Mountains. They have a lifespan ten times that of humans, drink blood and fear the sun. Over the centuries, the tribe have come to believe they are a superior species. When they find themselves no longer able to procreate and extinction inevitable, three members take drastic action and strike out into the human world to find a solution. Lucas, the tribe’s leading scholar, studies genetics, and begins to suspect that the tribe is human. Following a forbidden path, Lucas attempts to breed with human women and eventually falls in love with one of his subjects. Marek, a hunter, comes into conflict with a heretical vampire sect and unwittingly brings this new threat back to the tribe. As Marek battles this new enemy, it leads him to question everything he has ever known. Trina, one of the tribe’s last breeding women, is only too happy to experience freedom in the human world. Although she dies during the mission, she awakens from her own death. Becoming the first immortal vampire, she seeks to understand her new self. Sweet Blood renews the vampire myth by rooting it in reality.


Long fascinated by the vampire myth, it is learning about Porphyria, the “vampire disease” that kindled our imagination. What if the origin of the myth was biological instead of supernatural? How would these vampires define themselves? What would happen when they realised they were merely human? Sweet Blood explores these multifaceted questions.

Sweet Blood follows a vampire tribe’s mission to save themselves from extinction.
Patricia Gomez Zlatar


Elza Kephart

Writer, Film Director

production notes

original title
Sweet Blood