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Carpathian Beast

Mira Fornay, Katarina Uhrova



The Carpathian Beast is a mystic crimi/drama mini-series set in Kysuce, the region in north-west Slovakia, near the Czech and Polish border. We deal with “small” crimes (theft, bribery, domestic violence, bullying, drugs, etc.), which are consequences of the social-economic-political situation; they are resolved at the end of each episode. At the same time the individual episodes develop the main dramatic line for all seven parts – the story of a mythical beast, which attacks people and kills them brutally. The main character Petra (38 years old teacher) has just returned to work after her maternity leave. She is seemingly normal, rational woman with a nice family life and she denies any connection with the cases, but she comes to understand that her connection with the Beast has it’s roots in Petra’s own past. She must accept her whole self, including her wild sides. She must rediscover forgotten childhood gifts in order to stop the actions of the Beast.


Our intention is to create a high-quality gripping mystery TV series, with the elements of a crime thriller, not lacking in humour, and with deep socialpolitical engagement. We believe that things can be changed, even in the depressing post-election atmosphere in our Country or in the world general. We want to contribute to this positive change through our work by pointing out the good in spectators.

When Petra (38) returns to her teaching job after her maternity leave, she gets drawn into the mysterious case of the Carpathian Beast, to which her subconscious mind holds the key.
Mira Fornay

Film Director

Katarina Uhrova


production notes

original title
Karpatská Beštia