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A.K.A. Marcus

Sarah Denoo, Bas Adriaensen, Philippe De Schepper



Marcus is a soldier on a mission in the Middle-East. When he accidentally shoots a young boy, he gets cursed by a local shaman. The boy’s death haunts him and he considers leaving the force. Back in Molenbeek Marcus is killed. The murderers flee the crime scene as a school teacher with Arab roots, 27-year-old Sabir comes to the rescue. When Marcus draws his last breath the curse works its magic and Marcus’ spirit transfers into Sabir. Marcus still knows everything he knew as Marcus, but is trapped inside the body of someone who is a complete stranger to him. Will anyone believe Sabir when he proclaims that he really is Marcus? His wife Sophie, member of a counter terrorist unit, does not. As an Arab, Marcus becomes an obvious suspect in his own murder case. He has to convince Sophie that it is him, when at the same time she is upgrading Sabir’s status to ‘potential terrorist’. Marcus has no other refuge than the world of Sabir. He takes on his role as a teacher, a husband and a father and slowly Sabir grows on him. But soon his new wife Yasmine starts having doubts about her husband. Inside the new Sabir two identities are struggling for their right to exist.


We are all too often jugded for our looks. The transformation of a Belgian soldier into an Arab family man allows us to explore cultural bias.
It gives us a chance to tell an exciting story, and the opportunity to show the social environment of a Muslim character in today’s Western society while tackling topics such as exclusion and terrorism.

Belgian soldier Marcus gets cursed and ends up inside the body of Arab family man Sabir.
Sarah Denoo

Scriptwriter, Television

Bas Adriaensen


Philippe De Schepper

Scriptwriter, Television, Production

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